Dr. Wright and the Armenia 2010 Study Abroad Group in Yerevan

Dr. Wright and the Armenia 2010 Study Abroad Group in Yerevan

Study Abroad Fair:

Tuesday, September 13th 10:00A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Join us for our Study Abroad fair! This is an excellent opportunity to see all of the great options available to you and speak with faculty leaders and advisors to find the program the suits you best.

We will be awarding off two student fee scholarships as well as other items! Enter to win at our office (Union 159) or at our table at the fair. The winners will be announced at the fair 12:30 and must be present in order to receive the scholarships or other prizes.

The scholarships awarded are to be used with any 2012 Spring, Summer, or Fall term University of Utah approved study abroad program.

Registering to win does not prohibit a students’ eligibility to apply for the standard student fee scholarship.

Join us in 2012 for the University of Utah’s Global Health Armenia Study Abroad Program!

Click here to apply now

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