Alec Daghlian
Alec Daghlian

Today was the best experience I have had so far in Armenia. We started off the day strong in the classroom finishing up our presentation and clearing up the interpretations with the translator.I enjoyed the presentations on nutrition, epidemiology, and demographic relating to Armenia. Once we were done today, we went downtown to the square area and found a nice Italian style café to have lunch at. I had the pleasure of translating for everyone and asking different questions from the menu to our server. Although some parts were tough, I did better then I thought and ordered correctly for everyone. Once we arrived at the museum, I immediately became obsessed with the rich, sad, and strong history and culture of the Armenian people. The first room I walked into, which was one of the most significant ones, was the displaced families and villages of Armenia from 1915. This room really brought out deep my roots. Looking at the before and after population of each village around 1915, brought attention to how bad the genocide affected the overall population of Armenia and the people. Walking through the museum brought the pictures to the stories I heard growing up, of rich Armenian tradition, which was never lost. I loved gathering a historical view of my family’s history and the sacrifices they made to survive throughout the many years. Today was a very memorable day for me, which allowed me to get in touch with my history for the first time in my life. Very thankful to my elders and grandparents for being able to make the necessary moves to keep the legacy going for another several generations.

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