Eric Leishman
Eric Leishman

In life there are many important questions that pave the road to discovering the type of person that you are, and who it is that you may become. Some of those questions are related to your intake, such as:
Do you like mineral water or pear-flavored fizzy Georgian beverages? Is adulterating your favorite food (pizza) with Ketchup acceptable when you are only hours away from feasting on meat wrapped in assorted styles of leaves? Can I absorb enough of the language and customs so that I don’t feel like a toddler in an adult man’s body? Will I absorb too much of the local food and feel like an adult man trapped in a toddler’s chubby body?
Other questions are related to your output, such as: Am I giving my fair share in support of food and items to the household? Am I portraying a favorable image of my nation and my personal beliefs, not only to the Armenians, but to my fellow classmates? Am I really offering the best of my talents and abilities, or am I simply doing what is asked of me, and explaining the margin between the two states of action as lack of opportunity?
Finally, some questions are considerably more complicated, less black and white, and more meaningful, such as:
Do you have to be the center of attention or can you be satisfied making others feel like they are they important? When I leave Armenia, will I have contributed something lasting to the people I see on the streets, or will I amount to little more than a extended-stay tourist? What is the real meaning of the pomegranate?

Today, I took constructed a few feet of my pathway with inspiration from the ornate Armenia walkways. I also took a few steps along that pathway to discover what lies ahead and how I can reach that point. Some of those questions are still unanswered. However, I can honestly say that I laughed more today than I have in a long time, made new friends, tried new foods, gained perspective, and challenged myself to do better tomorrow than I did today. Though I still can’t see where that path ends or the person I will be when I arrive there, today, I simply do not want it to end, or at least hope that I can find a way to make it continue in my heart when I leave this special place.

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