Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.17.43 PM I am sitting on the beige leather couch of my temporary Armenian apartment, my stomach is full of shawarma, and I am content. There is a light breeze blowing outside, and the comfort of this place is welcome after a long but wonderful day seeing the historic religious sites around Yerevan today. From the church of Hripsime, to the Echmiadzin Cathedral, to Zvartnots, today was rich with history, religion, beauty, and good friends. I absolutely think that visiting these important cultural and religious sites of Armenia is valuable for me personally, but also is very essential to the global health work that we are doing here in this country. Experiences like these help me gain greater insight into the beliefs and lives of the people of this country, the people to whom we will be targeting our outreach programs in the coming weeks.

Today is Armenia’s independence day, and I am looking forward to completing this reflection and then heading downtown to take part in the festivities. What a great opportunity to be here on this important day for the Armenian people! I am looking forward to discovering what tonight might hold.

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