Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.18.08 PMHere in Armenia, days like today serve as a nice contrast to all the fun and excitement that was had yesterday. The majority of the day was spent within the walls of the Yerevan State Medical University, and we were hard at work. It was very valuable to have the opportunity to practice running through the presentation with the interpreter. I am going to practice the presentation several more times throughout the rest of the week and weekend, and solidify and memorize exactly what I plan to say on each slide. I feel that I will be ready to go when we have our first outreach next week. Although today was a lot of work, I feel that it provides a nice juxtaposition to days like yesterday. The work is engaging and worthwhile, and it also makes the fun days seem that much more worthy and enjoyable.

After the work day ended, I went to dinner with a number of the group members, and then we went on a mini excursion to the Cascades, up the stairs, and over to the Mother Armenia statue. It was really just a pleasant evening with a beautiful sunset, and provided an opportunity to take in the full expanse of Yerevan and (mostly cloud covered) Mount Ararat. I am thoroughly enjoying every moment here in Yerevan.

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