IMG_6193Today was an amazing day of learning and experiencing. Going to the museums was just absolutely beautiful and to study and learn about old Biblical history and to see actual artifacts and ruins was so surreal. It still amazes me how i had the opportunity to literally walk up to these actual items and be in their presence. We’ve always learned and heard about these things, but to see them in actuality is very surreal.

Another thing that my house and I had the opportunity to experience was the concert and festival. It was just amazing to see the people, their culture and to just see them celebrating. People were so sincere and honest. One thing that really struck me was during the concert, a performer showed images of the Armenians who went into battle. Then it triggered thoughts and images about the genocide. It got me really thinking about how it’s so crazy that people could hate another people so much that they could kill them on the basis of their residence. I mean, from my understanding, the thing that divides the people of Armenia and surrounding countries is nothing but culture. It’s just absolutely crazy that, nearly 100 years later, this hate is still going on.  But, seeing the amazing personalities. the friendliness and the happiness that I saw in the Republic Square, Armenia has come a long way and is working towards an even better future. And I’m fortunate enough to opportunity to have experienced even a little bit of this.

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