Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.47.55 PMThe health fair went really well. We got there and got all set up. I ended up going around helping give out and collect surveys for the vaccination study[…]It was really cool to see a lot of people that were glad we were out doing this sort of work. One family invited us into their home and we got to talk more about their concerns about vaccinations. I had always assumed that people who didn’t vaccinate were uninformed or something else, but this opportunity gave me a whole new perspective that I hadn’t considered before. Negative portrayals and lack of confidence in the current system played a big role in many not getting vaccinations. They had several valid points and it was a very eye opening experience. I didn’t get to work the glucose table, but from what I heard there were many grateful individuals. It is really rewarding to know we in a small way are making a difference in the lives of those in this area. I hope as knowledge and awareness continue to spread that more Armenian’s will have better access and understanding and that general health practices will continue to improve.

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