Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.52.56 PMThere was electricity in the air as we all prepared ourselves this morning. The day for the big show had arrived. We were all running through literal and figurative checklists to make sure we had all of the equipment and handouts we would needed. A cocktail of anxiety and excitement populated my conversation and thoughts. Months of preparation and careful planning had all lead to this point and it was likely this would set the tone for our other outreach sites.
The clinic certainly felt quite spartan – bare stone and mortar. The site of the fair was a simple drive-way of aging asphalt. The presentations took place in what felt like a forgotten basement corridor. When we arrived, it was as if the health fair organically arose from nothing. Within moments their were desks with table-toppers, balloons, screening materials, surveys, handouts, and smiling faces[…]
I was proud of the screening teams and the efficiency with which they managed the crowds of eager participants. They did a great job talking to patients and providing them materials and recommendations in order to make good changes in their lives.
Later, in the evening, some of us went to a Georgian restaurant. The restaurant was below street level and had incredible interior design. It felt like the kind of place that a mobster would spend time – ornate woodwork, beautiful carvings, and artwork. Many of us experienced Khinkali for the first time and loved it. It also felt a little bit more legitimate to drink Georgian Lemonade in a Georgian restaurant[…]

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