Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.57.24 PMToday brought our group back to the drawing board. It was quite instructive to consider the triumphs and struggles we had yesterday. Although there were some speed bumps and unexpected challenges, I believe our group showed resolve and determination. However, it was helpful to investigate the improvements that are needed in order for us to be successful. Though the first battle may have been won, the same tactics may not be successful in the next location. We have to keep improving and developing so that we can be prepared for whatever comes our way.

The trip to the manuscript repository reinforced my expanding understanding of the rich heritage that is the foundation of Armenian identity and culture. I was grateful to see such beautifully preserved masterpieces.

The trip to Grand Candy brought me back to my childhood. It was like a circus inside of a candy store inside of a dream. I partook of amazing Ponchik with enough powdered sugar to break the blood glucose monitors. I then purchased a bunch of candy, on the faith of a good recommendation and had my honor defended against a lady trying to cut in line in front of me. Thanks, Dr. Wright.

The night was concluded with some survey corrections, amazing home-cooked food (we could probably open a restaurant with all of the hardcore chef skills group members are busting out on this trip). We had some good laughs discussing absurd childhood games and building a human pyramid. Our stay here is half over, but I can’t see how it can get better. Cheers to my comrades for making my life a little bit brighter.

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