Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.20.52 PMToday was a good day of work as we had our final prep session. I felt like a member of a team in a locker room before we run on the field for the big game. I think we are ready and I’m proud of my teammates for their preparation and hard work. We left the medical university and quickly headed to our excursion to Sevan to enjoy the lake and surrounding scenery.

Upon arrival, we got old-school for a minute and skipped rocks on the lake. When we had tossed half of the beach back into the lake, we embarked on our journey to the Sevanavank. I had an epiphany as I climbed to the monastery – Armenia should have the subtitle: land of stairs. By the end of this trip we are all going to have the calves of minor-league soccer athletes. I felt at peace with the sun sinking deep into my skin as the wind softly tickled the wildflowers and tall grass.
We soon found ourselves dining on fresh greens, traditional breads, and fresh fish (complete with their heads), washed down by Georgian pear soda, as we gazed across the beautiful lake. Some of us even risked trying the cheese BEFORE we found out it wasn’t super salty. The experience was elegant, yet simple.
While traveling back to Yerevan, we found our bus pulling over. My first thought was an image of being broken down on the side of an Armenia highway and how I wouldn’t even mind that with the awesome group we have. To my surprise, we were encouraged to collect rocks. I couldn’t quite understand why everyone was grabbing huge chunks of obsidian until I was informed there was a man who could carve the obsidian into essentially anything. It seems in Armenia, there is always, “a guy” who can do pretty much anything you can think of. Why do you need souvenir shops when you can just pull over and pick up rocks. Armenia, you rock my world. Pun intended.
Upon our arrival home we decided to check out a place that made ice cream spaghetti. Ice cream cubes, ice cream spaghetti… what’s next? Ice cream stairs? That makes sense. Or may there is “a guy” who can carve something out of ice cream. I’d pay at least 1000 dram for that. I mean, that’s only like $2.50, right? Man, everything here is so cheap. Wait, does that include tip? Can someone break my 10,000?

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