Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.29.34 PMWhat a day! Today after our small classroom session we had the great privilege of visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial. I thought I knew most of the history behind the genocide, but was surprised when I learned even more. The memorial site was unbelievable. The fire burning in the middle was bittersweet tome. The fire to me reminded me of the sacrifice, pain, and suffering my grandparents along with millions of Armenians had to go through to protect their belief. The journey of the Armenian people has always been shadowed by heartache and struggle for centuries. The genocide was the most recent showing of fighting for your beliefs, even when it costs the ultimate price. The fire also reminded me of the everlasting burn within the Armenian people to overcome any challenge or obstacle that may be put in our way. People will always try to smother the brightest flame,but no one will ever be able to put it out. The trees of support from different countries and foundations reinforced the support I thought Armenians to have throughout the world.Once we left the memorial site, our next stop was the monastery of St.Gregory the Illuminator. I was able to go down about 25 feet into the small pit,where stories tell of the imprisonment of St. Gregory. This was truly an amazing experience. I was finally able to see Mt Ararat up close. I had always seen the mountain in pictures growing up, but finally got to experience it in real life. I took many pictures so hopefully I can re-live this moment many times over again

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