Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.28.57 PMWhat a good day. I found meeting at the medical school to be very helpful. We went into a good amount of time talking about consenting the surveys. I thought that was some good advice as it will help solidify how important the information is when we are speaking with the people at each of the health clinics. Talking about things it makes me think where this program will be in 5 or10 years. Will there be more people involved and what other health programs will be implemented? It is really neat to think that our group helped move it forward.The activities today were sweet as well. I was really impressed with being so close to Mt. Ararat. The dungeon hole was also a very unique experience. The event of the evening was the ballet at the Opera House. I was skeptical going into it. I have never been to a ballet and I never thought I’d enjoy one. I was really impressed. The dancing was fantastic, the music was riveting and the skills required by the performers were astounding. I really enjoyed the different types of dances thrown into the mix. The outfits were bright and colorful and I could sense the rich tradition and sense of pride the performers conveyed to the audience. It has been so neat to have a little insight and peek at the culture and traditions.

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