Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.44.02 PMGiumri: the fourth destination for our outreach here in Armenia. The road leading us there was well traveled and worn, as if foreshadowing the state of some of the buildings whose rubble stands as a witness of the destruction that the earthquake of 1988 left in its wake. Our bus driver was confused of the whereabouts of the polyclinic we would be serving. This led to an extra tour down some of the side streets where we could see some of the humble circumstances in which many of the inhabitants of the city live. Arriving 30 minutes late to our destination, those in my bus hurried in to set up their portions of the program. Tina, Ryan Matthews, and myself quickly rearranged the nurses break room in to our own personal assessment chamber where we would be making our best effort to educate the population on blood glucose levels and the risk factors associated with their elevation. Though the town landscape was weathered and seemingly standing-offish, the people in the clinic were the exact opposite. There was nothing but smiles and gratitude for our presence there. The people that we were able to serve were receptive to whatever information we had to give them. As a team we are really starting to hit our stride. The presenters are spot on with their preparations and delivery, the surveys are being completed according to the goals set, and the outreach tables are helping the population to understand the information presented to them. The interpreters have become an extension of the work that we have set out to accomplish, and many friendships have developed through our interactions. It is evident according to the many thanks that we were receiving that our efforts in Giumri were worthwhile. I look forward to hearing about the further success of Armenia Global Health groups in the region. With only one outreach left our Armenian adventure is rapidly coming to a close.

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