Gyumri “Hole in the Rock” University of Utah Public Health Challenge 2015!

Somewhere near Gyumri, Armenia……there is a rock with a hole in it’s center.  Legend says that those who pass through the hole in the rock are granted a wish!  Those who cannot pass through the hole in the rock are DENIED their wish!  Watch and see who is granted a wish, and who is denied a wish in 2015’s Gyumri “Hole in the Rock” University of Utah/Yerevan State Medical University Public Health Challenge!

Outreach in Dilijan, Armenia- Global Health Armenia, June 2015

Dilijan, Armenia is lush forrest.  Rolling green hills and the sound of a nearby river greeted us as we continued our health outreach.  Both Crystal Rasmussen and Lance Stutz were able to give their presentations to a very receptive audience.  Afterwards we were able to debrief together at a local restaurant and then visit the secluded and serene Haghartsin Monastery. At this beautiful monastery there is a hollowed out tree that grants a wish to all those who enter it- the perfect place for a group photo and a group wish!

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