Farm to Table Dining in Armenia and Visiting Noravank Monastery – June 2015

Constructed from sunset colored tufa stone, the Noravank Monastery warmly embraced our visit today.  Built in the 13th century, the Noravank Monastery’s rich history and stunning profile proved a subtle, serene memory that will follow us across continents and decades of our lives.  Prior to our visit, we were able to eat at a local farm in the small village of Yeghegnkadzor. We helped harvest honey, and literally sat next at a table on a farm to eat a wonderful, traditional Armenian meal.  Plus, photos!

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Outreach and Research in Yerevan – June 2015

Surrounded by buildings constructed out of rose colored tufa (a type of stone formed from volcanic ash) and the hustle of thousands of people in Armenia’s capitol city of Yerevan, we traveled Friday to conduct research and outreach at Herasti #1, a downtown clinic.  Dr. Balyan and her staff were wonderful partners, and once again we had a wonderful and challenging task ahead of us.  Both Crystal Rasmussen and Lance Stutz were able to present on diabetes/cardiovascular prevention and management to very receptive audiences.  It’s important to note that our presentations are designed to educate and support local healthcare providers – we always strongly recommend that those who attend consult with their own very capable local physicians.  Plus, more photos!

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