Outreach in Ararat and Khor Virap Monastery- June 2015

Welcoming faces greeted us as we arrived to the Ararat Hospital and Health Center- our healthcare partners are key and critical to public health outreach and research.  Taking into account best practices and lessons learned from previous outings, we set up and went to work.  Both Sydney Olson and Jessica Young – together with their YSMU interpreters – successfully presented to members of the community on type 2 diabetes prevention and management and cardiovascular disease prevention and management.  Our research team found many willing participants as well – all in all a great day.

After our outreach we had the opportunity to visit Khor Virap Monastery, where we climbed down into the hole where Grigor the Illuminator was imprisoned, and had a beautiful view of Mount Ararat as a light summer shower fell.  Plus, pictures!

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Gyumri “Hole in the Rock” University of Utah Public Health Challenge 2015!

Somewhere near Gyumri, Armenia……there is a rock with a hole in it’s center.  Legend says that those who pass through the hole in the rock are granted a wish!  Those who cannot pass through the hole in the rock are DENIED their wish!  Watch and see who is granted a wish, and who is denied a wish in 2015’s Gyumri “Hole in the Rock” University of Utah/Yerevan State Medical University Public Health Challenge!

Outreach in Dilijan, Armenia- Global Health Armenia, June 2015

Dilijan, Armenia is lush forrest.  Rolling green hills and the sound of a nearby river greeted us as we continued our health outreach.  Both Crystal Rasmussen and Lance Stutz were able to give their presentations to a very receptive audience.  Afterwards we were able to debrief together at a local restaurant and then visit the secluded and serene Haghartsin Monastery. At this beautiful monastery there is a hollowed out tree that grants a wish to all those who enter it- the perfect place for a group photo and a group wish!

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Outreach & Research in Akhourian, Armenia – June 5, 2015

Today was our first day of outreach and research in Akhourian, Armenia.  Akhourian is a town of roughly 10,000 just east of Armenia’s second largest city (Gyumri).  We were able to conduct our outreach and research at the Armenian Relief Society’s Mother & Child Clinic & Birthing Center.  Dr. Avagyan directs the clinic, and together with his staff gave unprecedented support.  For this outreach we partnered with the Armenian-American Wellness Center, who joined the health fair to provide a number of women’s health screenings, including thyroid and breast cancer screenings.

These two organizations are wonderful partners, and we hope to be wonderful partners for them as well.  Together we came together with one hope- to create better health outcomes in Armenia.

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Tsitsernakaberd – Visiting the Armenian Genocide Museum

We had an opportunity to visit Tsitsernakaberd, the Armenian Genocide Museum.  This visit was very special because 2015 is the centennial of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, when the Ottoman Turk government systematically killed an estimated 1.5 million christian Armenians.  Much like the Jewish Holocaust has its deniers, there too exist deniers of the Armenian Genocide.  Regardless, it was an emotional and educational visit, and one that is unforgettable.

We also stopped by the vast Armenian Sports Complex for – you guessed it – more photos!

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Matenadaran- The Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts

The Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts (or Matenadaran) capped off a full day of intense preparation and study for what lie ahead.  While at Matenadaran we were able to view ancient manuscripts that are truly world treasures, and provide context for the enduring and rich culture of Armenia.  Oh yeah- we took a few photos as well!

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