Dr. Hripsime Z. Wright and the 2010 University of Utah Study Abroad Group in downtown Yerevan

Dr. Hripsime Z. Wright and the 2010 University of Utah Study Abroad Group in downtown Yerevan

About Armenia:

As a country of the former USSR, Armenia provides a unique experience for students to become familiar with health inequalities of Eastern Europe.  Armenia is a landlocked, mountainous country located in the southern part of the Caucasus region, with a popultaion of nearly 3 million.  Armenia prides itself on being the first nation to formally adopt Christianity (early 4th century).  The social and economic upheavals that followed the earthquake of 1988 combined with the political collapse of the Soviet Union to create a catastrophic public health situation in Armenia.


Students, faculty and staff from the University of Utah will work in conjunction with the American University of Armenia, Health Ministry, USAID and a number of local NGO’s and clinics to address pressing health issues.  Students will be involved in activities that promote community health development in Armenia by producing positive, measurable improvements among populations experiencing health inequalities.  The program will use community-based participatory research as a foundation of projects, and will engage in community partnerships that focus on collaboration and sustainable outcomes.

Course Goals:

Through participation in the global health prerequisite class and on-site fieldwork, students will learn about cultural, social, political, and health issues currently facing Armenia.  They will learn about current public health problems and methods to health development and improving general health quality of life.  This program will greatly benefit the Armenian people, as well as provide unparalleled learning opportunities for University of Utah students.


Students will receive 4 undergraduate elective credit hours or 4 graduate elective credit hours  for participating in field work projects in Armenia.  This course has been approved as a Service Learning class.

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